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Having over 25 years experience representing homeowners with property damage insurance claims, we know firsthand the challenges a typical homeowner will face. While each claim is different, what is a constant in every claim is that you, as the homeowner, know more about your home and possessions than anyone yet in a typical insurance claim, the adjuster for the insurance company attempts to measure your loss. We believe that in your best interests, you must take an active role in the presentation of the scope of work and the cost of repairs to your home and in the preparation and presentation of your inventory of personal property.


At The Claims Group we work with you to present your claim. This includes working with your contractor on the scope of repairs to your home; working with you in the preparation of a complete inventory of your personal possessions; and working with the insurance company in the adjustment of your claim to determine a reasonable settlement value. While this sounds straight forward, issues like “depreciation”; “co-insurance”; “actual cash value”; etc. cause most homeowners to be disappointed in the settlement of their claim.


The Claims Group acts as your claims department to ensure that you are satisfied with your final settlement.

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