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Q: How can I learn more about the services of a Public Adjuster BEFORE a loss occurs?

A: At The Claims Group we welcome opportunities for one-on-one meetings with property owners. We would also be pleased to schedule presentations in larger business settings, trade associations, or as continued education speakers. We highly recommend owners educate themselves about the insurance industry and we welcome any opportunity to become a trusted advisor before there is a need for our services.


Q: Why would I need help with a claim?

A: Most property owners have never had a large claim before. If this is your first experience, how will you really know what you are entitled to? Do you want to risk learning at your own expense? Signingdocument2The fact is the insurance company adjuster and consultants are very experienced in handling claims on behalf of their employerthe insurance company. Who will represent you?

Q: What is Actual Cash Value?

A: Actual Cash Value is a policy condition that allows insurance companies to pay claims on a depreciated basis. Even if you have “Replacement Cost Coverage,” only the “actual cash value” is owed until such time that the property is repaired or replaced. Determining what is a “reasonable” amount of depreciation is not spelled out in an insurance policy so having an advocate who is familiar with industry standards is very important in the adjustment and settlement of your claim.


Q: What sets The Claims Group apart from other public adjusting firms?

A: We assure you that your claim will be handled by one of the principals of The Claims Group. Many other firms have salesmen with reference letters reflecting work performed by other adjusters within that company. That does not mean those people will handle your claim. To ensure you have quality representation, only our principals will handle your claim.

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