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When property damage occurs to an operational business it can turn that business upside down.


How do you:

  • stay in business if your building, inventory and/or equipment is damaged?
  • keep current customers happy under catastrophic conditions?
  • continue to produce without losing existing clients to your competitors?


Our team has seen all of these challenges over the past 20 years yet your insurance policy is not clear how the available coverages can best protect the unique challenges that each business will face.


We can help your business


The Claims Group can guide a company through that process and maximize the use of available coverages under the insurance policy. This may include helping a manufacturing or distribution company find temporary space to stay in operation while their building is repaired; it might include having the insurance company pay for expediting costs to refurbish lost inventory or equipment to manufacture new products.


Each business is unique and has its own individual needs based upon the circumstances. Your insurance policy should be used as a tool to best protect your business


Experience Matters


Fortunately, The Claims Group has experienced a little bit of everything including handling claims for manufacturing facilities; multi-family owners; restaurants; churches; strip malls; retail stores, hotels, etc. This experience has prepared us to help you during these challenging times.


We also have learned that you are the most knowledgeable person about what it takes to protect your business and therefore you need to control the process after a claim has occurred. With The Claims Group on your team, we can guide those needs based upon the coverages available under the policy so that your business can be operated as efficient and profitable as possible after a loss.

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