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Who is there to protect you?


The Claims Group is your claims advocate. Our role is to help you recover everything that you are entitled to under your insurance policy. This includes making sure the scope of repairs to your property are complete and not partial repairs intended only to save the insurance company money. Working with you and your chosen contractor, we will assist in determining the scope and value of your claim versus settling a claim based upon the lowest bid from multiple bidders or based upon insurance company consultant estimates. We also help prepare complete personal property inventories and help you accurately measure any potential loss of income sustained as a result of a property damage loss. Our knowledge and expertise will also help you overcome challenges that often times surface in insurance claims including underinsurance, depreciation, and co-insurance penalties. As your claims advocate, our job is to protect you.


What is a Public Adjuster?


A Public Adjuster is the only type of adjuster who works exclusively for the property owner. Company Adjusters and Independent Adjusters represent the interests of the insurance company in a claim. It is very important to recognize this distinction as you move forward with your claim. A Public Adjuster is also required to be licensed and often times bonded by the State where the property is located.

Settling Insurance Claims


The measure of an insurance claim can be quite different from the eyes of a property owner versus those of an insurance company. In our over 20 years of experience, handling literally hundreds of claims, we have learned that reasonableness is ultimately the driving factor in settling insurance claims. The Claims Group knows and understands a property owner's needs and we use our experience and first-hand industry knowledge to present and defend claims in the best interest of the property owner! A fair and reasonable settlement is what we promise our customers.


The Claims Group is licensed and bonded in 17 states.

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Licensed and bonded in 20 states

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